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The Silver Lining, Moms Could Go Home

With the rise of the Covid pandemic, many graphic designers found themselves without the work in their chosen field. The field chosen to supplement their passion when graphic design lost popularity. Graphic designers were able to transition their skills into other professions to make ends meet (and repay student loan debt). However, in a universal shift, the Covid pandemic increased the communication needs for businesses while removing barriers encountered by women who are Mothers and the disabled.

The rise in demand for desktop publishing work during the Covid pandemic was a result of the need to create more information and knowledge on the virus. Graphic designers were needed to create posters, pamphlets, brochures, and other printed material. Desktop publishers are in high demand because of their versatility in designing for print, video, and digital media. They can offer support from anywhere with an internet connection and can provide flexible hours.

The rise in demand for desktop publishers has been attributed to the increased need for graphic designers during the Covid pandemic. Moms, who were previously working as both essential and remote workers (often for ot

her trades), shifted more to freelance work and entrepreneurship as an opportunity to make more money. This is

because they are not eligible for adequate benefits in addition to their preexisting, unfeasible employee benefits that are expensive. These versatile tech workers can work remotely and have more time in their schedule to tend to themselves and family members.

Desktop publishers are typically skilled graphic designers who work on a computer with a publishing software like Adobe InDesign to design layouts of books, magazines, newspapers, brochures etc. They are also called graphic designers. Through mobile technologies, desktop publishers are now able to produce work on-the-go, data management in between other work and tasks during the course of a day.

The desktop publishing trade has made a comeback, more essential to the needs of a parent denied reasonable accommodations for gainful employment. Remote work is a great way to make money during this time. They can work from home or go into an office if they need to meet with clients in person. Contractors are also in high demand because they can provide services at a moments notice without having a long-term commitment with one company.

The rise of the desktop publisher is a sign of the changing workforce. The demand for graphic designers can work remotely and freelance with more flexibility as a main source of income.

The Covid pandemic has had a profound effect on the world, especially on Mothers. It has forced women to take care of their kids at home and find ways to make money safely from home – which often means remaining a remote worker and continuing growth as a desktop publisher.

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