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Motherhood and Employment

Working after the baby is born has its challenges. There are hurdles in the workplace during and after maternity leave that cannot be ignored, even discrimination. Should a woman feel bad or even guilty for embracing her God given right to Motherhood to satisfy an employer? Absolutely not! 

For whatever reasons, American society is becoming shaming to those still willing to pursuit and maintain the institution of family. Women now bash other women for being women. Girls who used to have pretend tea parties and weddings, grow up facing cruel realities of those driven by the "Strong, Independent Working Woman" notion so much that it is creating a cold and senseless society. Life, morality, education, and plain common sense gained from good parenting are being abandoned so much now there's an epidemic of kids eating Tide Pods.

Being a mother is a full-time job that is never to be confused with employment. It is a responsibility that cannot be changed for a long time.  Pursuing work of less demand is an option because there is only one shot at parenting, but a plethora of ways to earn income. Take the time to assess your skills and accomplishments! 

Request the assistance of a great staffing firm to keep your skills sharp during the life adjustment. The work may be a less demanding role than a previous career, at full time hours, promoting far less stress.  For a first-time parent, there is much to learn but the time will pass faster than you realize. Earning income at lowered stress is beneficial to rest and happiness at home.

Enroll in school part-time or online to gain the extra education advantages. Caring for baby, may make concentration for full time enrollment more challenging than it needs to be, but a few credit hours can keep you competitive.

Keep expectations realistic. 

Remember that babies who are nurtured by their parents perform better in life. 

Allow your spouse to take the wheel and be supportive. Otherwise your spouse (or other family figure) may be willing to compromise. Make adjustments a team effort if there is two parents. A single parent may deal with even less help, always appreciate the importance of your spouse.

It is understood that bills must be paid, but keep faith that you will manage it all just fine in the end. 

Use the time to coordinate business differently. There is so much technology to ease small business efforts not available decades ago. Get online and seek resources. E-commerce has come a long way!

Why deal with employer discrimination and low pay if it means sacrificing critical time needed for your little one? Your little one(s) will be old enough for daycare or preschool faster than you realize. This time will pass quickly. Good luck Mommy!

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