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About 1260 Media

1260 Media is a service for artists and entrepreneurs working together using the latest technologies provided by Desktop Publishers, IT and Graphic Design contractors. Desktop publishing services and graphic design seem to be similar, but there are differences. A graphic designer creates logos and animations. A desktop publisher creates forms and books from that provided by the graphic designer.

Desktop publishers handle the catalogs and magazines used sales and marketing. PDF and printed forms for operations and employee management must be reasonably professional for record keeping. This service designs advertisements and web media- video enabled ads for social media that are easy to employ to the many social media platforms. 

With Microsoft, Oracle, and BI integration, generated forms used in the operation of daily business makes the process of updating information and documentation timely less the stress.

Logos are graphic design, business cards can be made by either, but desktop publishing services handles all of your print and web needs on a project or as needed basis. For the self-employed,1260 Media handles the business formation filings, permits and registrations with services for professional presentation needed for growth and expansion. Too many new businesses fail due to lack of help during the development where friends and family fail on promises or trust.

What can 1260 Media do for your business aspirations? With confidential services trusted now since 2006:

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